Service does not stop after the original Revalve at Factory Connection! Our Rebuild-Update program is designed to keep you in the most up-to-date Revalve settings we offer.

Updates to Valving

Updates to your valve setting are included in rebuild pricing. If your bike is good but you have a characteristic that you would still like to improve, let us know. We can address it while we are servicing the components.

The factory supported riders get to "test" suspension in preparation to race. Their input is taken, and the suspension setting is changed or evolves to their preference.

This update available to you is your chance to provide input and continue to move your suspension performance in the direction that best suits your riding needs. Added comfort can bring trust, speed and the ability to go deeper into the event before fatigue sets in.


I brought a bike that the previous owner had Revalved
Yes! For the price of a Rebuild we will Revalve the suspension for you. Call us 603-664-2221 we will look up the setting we did for the previous owner and discuss your needs.

I had you Revalve the suspension for MX, now I'm riding Off-road
Yes! This is common, any time you look to change the type of riding you are doing our Rebuild-Update covers it.

My skill level has improved
Yes! Call us 603-664-2221 and lets talk about what you are feeling with your current set up and how we can make it better for you.

I have moved and the Terrain has changed
Yes! We can help you adjust your setting to suit the new terrain

My weight has changed
Yes! However if you need different springs due to the weight change you will have to buy the necessary springs. Call us 603-664-2221 and we can provide a quote based on your new needs.

Call us 603-664-2221 and we will go over a Rebuild-Update with you