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Time to Service?

Just like changing the oil in your bikes transmission or your pick-up truck, your bikes suspension needs regular fresh oil and wear parts replaced

Did you know...

If you ride 2 hours a week, in 6 months you will have 50+ hours on your suspension!

What does this mean?
20+ hours

The oil in your suspension begins to break down, the performance you once had is beginning to go away;

40+ hours

There is a noticeable loss of damping control due to oil break down and parts wear.

60+ hours

Your oil has broken down, parts are wearing. The damping control is noticeable changed from fresh suspension.

100+ hours

Your oil has broken down, it is no longer providing the necessary lubrication to friction surfaces. Parts are worn; you are now at risk of causing damage to the inside of the shock body, fork cartridge rods etc.

Easy Steps to a Rebuild

Call us to set up the process 603-664-2221, during call we will provide a detailed estimate, this estimate can be emailed to you to review. If you request a "call with estimate" once we have your suspension disassembled and inspected we will reach out to you for approval on the parts recommended.

During the initial contact all your details are saved in our computer system.

Shipping to us

Shipping is not an issue; we can make it simple by sending you a box with all the materials needed to safely package your suspension components; additionally an optional UPS Ground return shipping label is included which is fully insured if used. See our shipping page for more details.

Suspension at Factory Connection

When your suspension arrives it is checked in, we will send you an email letting you know your suspension is with us. At any time you can reply to the email or call us with any questions you might have

The technicians working on your suspension have all the information you provided to us, along with the quote you were given.

The technicians final step is to apply new fork and shock stickers along with a custom setting sticker on your fork.

Shipping Back

Once your suspension is complete, it is packaged with fresh material in a new shipping box. Unless other arrangements have been made at this point, we will call you with a final total and collect payment information. Factory Connection exclusively uses UPS for all return shipping and offers optional shipping insurance.

All of the used parts or springs replaced in servicing your suspension are returned to you for inspection. New stickers are installed front and rear and a Tri-fold with all of the suggested starting points is included. This Tri-fold also includes tuning tips for a variety of riding conditions.