When Factory Connection Re-valves your suspension, we personalize your Forks and Shock to your specific skill sets and needs.

From the initial phone call; our staff of experienced professionals will ask you a battery of questions designed to initiate the responses to tailor the suspension to you. Every rider is unique in height, weight, riding style, ability level, terrain ridden and desired performance.

We are dedicated to providing you the Best Suspension Period. In many cases, we will make performance product recommendations to best fit your budget and performance expectations.

Each customer's Information is evaluated in detail and an individualized setting is created specifically for you. Then your suspension is shipped back to you in our customized shipping box, usually in 2-3 days.

Red Bull KTM's Cooper Webb - Using Factory Connection Suspension
What sets Factory Connection above the rest?

Your Valving Setting

Each setting is custom tailored based on your comments and needs. We DO NOT have a book of settings that we pull from. The same team of individuals that generate the specs for Yamaha's GNCC Race Team, Stu Baylor, Dylan Ferrandis and every Factory Connection sponsored rider is the same group that will review your requirements and generate the setting that goes into your suspension.

How do they come up with these settings? Experience, there is no substitute for experience! Combined our R&D Team have more than 100 years track and dyno testing suspension. That's a lot of suspension experience, and it shows in everything we do, that is why we say with confidence "THE BEST SUSPENSION, PERIOD!"

The Work

Once your suspension arrives at Factory Connection it follows a very detailed procedure. Every Factory Connection location is company owned, operated and managed from our New Hampshire head quarters. Every technician at every location is trained to the same standard of perfection, guaranteeing the same level of Workmanship Company wide.

Suspension components require an array of special tools and knowledge to be able to work on them. Many of the tools we use are designed and made in-house. It's because of this level of attention to detail and the fact that we stay focused on a select number of bikes that we can 100% guarantee our work, not just the performance but also the quality.

"After-The Sale" Support

Our "After-The Sale" Support is second to none in the industry. We're not happy until you are! When you ride your Factory Connection suspension, you can have 100% confidence it has been designed and built specifically for YOU!

Suspension already Revalve by Factory Connection? Have questions?