Suspension - Basics

Dirt Bikes are mass produced by the OEM manufacturers not knowing who the rider will be. The OEM's build their bikes to cover a wide range of uses from the 120lbs MX Pro to 220lbs VET C Off-road recreational rider.

So what is important to you?
Spring Rates

The first and most important step is making sure the springs are correct for your weight.

The springs carry the load of the rider and are related to the rider's weight, height, ability level and intended use of the bike.

Springs are not changed to tune the suspension stiffer or softer.

Springs are to carry the weight of the rider with the suspension in the correct part of the stroke.

The Basics!

1. Make sure your forks are aligned correctly on the front axle details

2. Set your fork height correctly details

3. Air forks: set your air pressure every ride

4. Set your sag more

5. Set your tire pressures

6. Use quality suitable tires for the terrain you are riding

These are the basics and they help!!

Get it set up for you

REVALVE your suspension to suit your needs, this is taking the OEM's broad spectrum and narrowing it down to your riding needs.

REVALVING your suspension is what makes riding fun and sets you ahead of the rest. It's what makes your time on the bike safer and puts a smile on your face.