Getting Help

Factory Connection has dedicated Customer Care and Technical Support staff to help you with all of your suspension questions.

With over 125 years of suspension experience combined we have the resources, data, knowledge and experience to help you fine tune your suspension to your wants / needs.

Call Us

We invite you to call us 603-664-2221

Ask for Tim Street or Steve Ross.

We would enjoy talking with you and it is the best, most efficient way to help.

Steve Ross

Steve Ross

Tim Street

Tim Street

When you call

It is helpful if you have notes on where your adjuster settings and basic set up #s are currently set to prior to calling.

Fork: Compression, Rebound and Fork Height measurement.

Shock: Low Speed Compression, High Speed Compression (if applicable), Rebound, Rider and Static Sag.

IF you purchased a bike from a previous Factory Connection customer; the ID # listed on the fork setting decal is helpful for us to help you easily.

Tech Support Tips

Keep your Factory Connection Suspension Guide in your toolbox to bring with you each riding day

Have a dedicated small note book to keep track of any changes you make form the baseline that we started your components at.

Making notes for different riding areas or tracks can help you in the future as you travel and encounter riding areas or tracks you have not been to.

Info we like to keep: Date, name of riding area or track. General conditions / terrain type, comments on how the suspension worked and list the changes you made / where you ended up with adjusters and Fork Height, Rider Sag.

Common Maintenance Tips

Common areas we find that tend to be overlooked or not maintained enough that affect suspension performance.

Do you loosen your fork air bleed screws before each riding day?
Excessive air build up produces a harsh / still feel in bumps.

Be sure your torque on your upper and lower triple clamp bolts or to OEM manual specifications
Over torque can cause binding and stiff feel.

Do not over tighten your hole shot /start device rings on your RH fork outer tube. We have seen the hole shot / start device rings so tight that the fork is binding, not moving thru the stroke freely and can damage/wear bushings.

If you have a NEW bike always grease your steering stem, swing arm and linkage bearings. Most manufacturers only assemble with a thin film of grease. While the bike is new it is very smart to grease and re-torque the related nuts/bolts.

We have seen some linkage nuts/bolts over tightened at the manufacture during assembly causing binding in rear end and even affective Rider Sag.

It is important to inspect the bearings, collars, bolts of your shock linkage and clean/grease as needed. Doing this as part of your normal maintenance will reduce the possibility of you having to replace bearings/seals/collars.