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Factory Connection - Trackside

Factory Connection offers Trackside Support on weekends and during the week at many tracks across the USA. Our dedicated Trackside Support Staff are friendly, knowledgeable, quality oriented individuals who are there to help you in any way possible. If you need technical support including set up assistance with Factory Connection suspension, stock suspension or another company's set up we are there to help.

Need an oil change or service of your forks or shock? Our staff can do that for you; we stock most common wear parts for SHOWA, KYB, and WP  component. Our track side support also has a full line of Factory Connection Fork and Shock Springs.

Factory Connection Trackside

Local and Regional events we offer Oil Change service, Rebuild services, Spring Change services, complimentary bike set up and technical support.

GNCC series and National events we offer all Oil Change, Rebuild, Spring change and RE-VALVE services as well as complimentary bike set up and technical support. Call us for more details, availability or to schedule an appointment in advance 800-221-7560.

We are dedicated to offering you The Best Track side Support. PERIOD.

Trackside Staff
Mike Carnelli
Factory Connections Mike Carnelli
NH Based
Todd Webb
Factory Connections Todd Webb
FL Based
Jacob Einloth
Factory Connections Jacob Einloth
CA Based
Scott Buxton
Factory Connections Scott Buxton
Local Trackside
Jake Doyle
Factory Connections Jake Doyle
Local Events
Curds Hannemann
Factory Connections Curds Hannemann
GNCC Series
Collin McGinnis
Factory Connections Collin McGinnis
Local Events
Travis Golden
Factory Connections Travis Golden