WP AER-48 Forks

Factory Connection’s AER48 Performance Kit delivers a whole new level of plushness to one of the best air forks currently on the market. We took our already proven AER48 Revalve and set out to improve upon the initial comfort and front wheel traction of the fork. The results are something we are very excited about and test rider feedback supports our enthusiasm – riders raved about the drastic changes made to the fork.

“Hand Feel” is improved – the initial sharpness of the fork is eliminated, especially when the front end of the bike is light such as accelerating out of a turn with your weight back. As the fork glances across the tops of the bumps it will have a softer, plusher feel.

Additionally, the fork is now able to settle into turns better. Previously, some riders may have felt the fork rode high and was too restrictive to compressing into the turns. Better cornering performance could be achieved by drastically reducing air pressures, however that comes with a compromise on other areas of the track. The Factory Connection AER48 Performance Kit frees up the initial movement of the fork allowing it to settle, gain traction and still continue to run normal air pressures. Lighter riders and those looking to improve their cornering ability will benefit greatly from this new feature.

The AER48 Performance Kit gives you some great new features while still retaining the excellent, progressive qualities the fork already possesses. Contact us today to get started on making your AER48 fork one of the best you’ve ever ridden!

Revalve or Rebuild-Update
$225.00 or $119.95
Performance Kit
2016 and 2017 forks we recommend updating to the 2018 parts listed below
18 piston  4860 1836S
18 air seal  4860 1628S
18 spring guide  4860 1820S
Additional OEM WP wear parts used as necessary