Steering Damper

Factory Connection offers Rebuild and Revalve services for the Honda CRF (HPSD) steering dampers. The Showa units for the CRF250R, CRF450R and CRF450X should be serviced in 40-50 hour intervals in order to maintain their performance and damping characteristics.

In addition, Factory Connection has tested with a variety of riders and different valve settings thru its R & D program. The improvements made by Factory Connection increases damping in both directions of the unit’s movement. The performance advantage is noticed most during deceleration in fast sections and choppy or rough braking bump terrain. Acceleration stability is also improved in flat choppy sections or for the off-road riders rocks and roots sections as well.

Factory Connection has ALL the common wear parts available for your damper: Oil Seal, Dust Seal, Shaft Guide Bushing, Floating Piston Seal and Clips. Some of these parts are not available thru your OEM dealer. Call Factory Connection.. The Best Suspension. PERIOD.

Rebuild and Revalving

REBUILD: $45.95 (plus parts)
REVALVE: $99.95 (plus parts)

*Fluids not included



Do you have a HPSD with a mounting kit for your brand bike other than Honda? We can Revalve your HPSD for your KTM, Yamaha, Suzuki or Kawasaki.  We have Revalve modification settings and services to improve your damper for your bike.  Team Am Pro Yamaha, Former KTM rider Nate Kanney and KTM Canada have all utilized our Revalve Modifications to improve their HPSD’s performance

*** IMPORTANT: When shipping your HPSD to Factory Connection with your suspension, please secure HPSD unit to either your forks or shock to insure the damper will not be overlooked when Factory Connection opens your box. ***