Meet the Factory Connection Team!

Rick “Ziggy” Zielfelder

ZiggyMy focus and commitment is to provide all Factory Connection customers with the best suspension services possible.I have worked through many positions in the motorcycle industry, in doing so I recognize the importance of the staff that works for Factory Connection and what their individual qualities mean for each and every Factory Connection customer.

I still ride and occasionally race. I am at the track virtually every weekend at events ranging from Pro Supercross or Motocross, to Amateur Nationals, to different forms of Off-road disciplines; but what I enjoy most are the local races I get to do with my son Aaron and family in tow.

I am very hands on at Factory Connection; I review almost every workorder electronically as the suspension passes through our doors. I spend a lot of the year working in the shop and daily communicate with sales staff on customer comments and feed back.

I want to take some time to introduce you to my team. This team doesn’t consist of racers competing for championships. This team consists of a group of guys that are hard core motorcycle enthusiasts like you! The majority of staff at Factory Connection is made up of people that are either still racing on a regular basis or spent a good part of their life racing. Some of them were MX’ers, Some of them were Off-Road guys, most of them still ride and race today.

I recommend you call around and ask questions before deciding who you trust to work on your suspension. After doing your homework, I am confident that you will have the same confidence in this team as I do.

So take just a few minutes to meet my team!


Terry Edgecomb – Vice President of Operations

Terry Edgecomb started with us in late 2000.

He is business orientated and has a very strong technical background. While Terry’s main role has been product development and particularly our line of springs his attention to detail and organizational skills have lead to his involvement in many projects over the years.

Terry now oversees all operations at Factory Connection.

Terry Edgecomb

Steve “Steve-o” Ross – Customer Service Manager

Steve “Steve-o” Ross has been with Factory Connection since the end of 1999.

Steve-o has worked most of his life in the motorcycle industry and has a wealth of knowledge in suspension set up.
Nowadays Steve-o is not on the phone as much as he use to be as his role has changed to more of an administrive one. Most weekends your going to see Steve-o and his son at the local track racing themselves.

Steve Ross


Tim Street – Customer Service

Tim Street has been my wingman at Factory Connection from day one.

In the beginning Tim and I worked side by side on customer suspension day in and day out, at times late into the night, it really was just the two of us.

Tim Street


Mike Haist – R&D

Mike Haist is known at Factory Connection as the “data guy”. As Director of R&D, Mike has a mission, using advanced bike mounted data acquisition along with 2 in-house suspension dynos that gather data on every possible aspect of suspension performance.

Have you ever wondered why anyone would learn advanced geometry and calculus? Mike has the answer: To make your suspension work better! Mike’s proprietary math formulas and data visualization methods can measure hundreds of data points in real time, replicate them on our state-of-the-art dyno, which ultimately is allowing him to create Revalve settings with a precision never before achieved in the Off-road suspension industry.

As Mike says, being able to “see” the data means faster development cycles, quicker customization, and more race wins. Just ask our recent winners in Motocross, Supercross, GNCC, and Arenacross, I truly believe Mike has taken Factory Connection to a whole new level.

Mike Haist


Peter Paige – R&D

Peter started with Factory Connection in 2000 as a shop technician, coming from a dealership service department background and a solid racing career Peter quickly became a lead technician at the New Hampshire headquarters. In 2003 Peter moved to California and spearheaded the opening of Factory Connection West.

Always involved with Factory Connections Honda Race Program in 2009 Peter transition to a testing and development roll within the GEICO Supercorss Motocross Team. In 2015 Peter moved back to New Hampshire to work full time in the Factory Connection R&D Department covering every area of testing and development both on the Dyno and in the field.

Peter Paige


Alex Munroe – Inventory Management

Alex has been with Factory Connection since he left school!!

Based in New Hampshire Alex manages all inventory company wide.


Alex Munroe


Mike “FC-Mike” Carnelli – Trackside

FC-Mike has been with Factory Connection since 2002.  FC-Mike is well know in the North East having been around racing all his life. In the winter months FC-Mike heads south to the tracks in Georgia and Florida. With a complete inventory of parts on his truck FC-Mike is there to help, keep an eye on his schedule and meet up with him sometime to get technical support trackside.

FC Mike
Todd Webb – Trackside

Todd Webb has transitioned from shop technician to full time trackside support. Based in Kansas and working out of the Oklahoma shop Todd is covering trackside duties for the central part of the United States.


Linda Huff – Accounting
Linda came to Factory Connection with a background in book keeping and accounts payable/receivable.Linda has been a long time friend and along with my wife Janice and myself now helps handle the books at Factory Connection.
Linda Huff


Tom Wallace – IT and Data Management
Tom has been with Factory Connection for more than 10 years. Tom developed our CRM that runs off the SAP B1 platform and manages all aspects of Factory Connections computer systems, phone systems and data network. Factory Connection operates seamlessly as one company across all locations because of the systems Tom has in place and manages on a daily bases.
Tom Wallace


Sales and Technical Support

When you call Factory Connection our Sales and Technical Support Team are here for you. This group can help you with any questions you have about Factory Connection, the services we provide and most importantly technical support with your Factory Connection Suspension.

These guys each have an extensive background in the dirt bike industry and work closely with myself and the other members of the R&D Department to stay current on the ever evolving suspension components. Its very important to me that I can hear and see them when they are on the phone, and that is why I want the calls coming to our New Hampshire location for both sales and technical support.


Billy Sjoblom
Darrin “Rookie” Sorenson
Billy Sjoblom
Chris Olson


East Coast Shop, Barrington, NH
Jimmy Flood
Travis Golden
Nate Filman
Christian Hannemann


California Shop, Corona, CA
Marc Maynard
DJ Scarponi
Travis LaRocco
Ryder LaRocco


Oklahoma Shop, Muskogee, OK
Justin Sawyer
Trevor Hughes 


Pennsylvania Shop, Ephrata, PA

Nate Short 

Jake Claxton


Oregon Shop, Milwaukee, OR
Jake Doyle
Jake Poole


Florida Shop, Leesburg, FL
Brad Knight
Colin McGinnis