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Serious Business
Factory Connection Technology

Factory Connection takes a Revalve very seriously; probably a lot more seriously than you think. A Revalve is our business. We are not focused on selling parts. We are 100% focused on the service of providing you the rider with the Best Suspension Period.

But what does that mean? As a company we need to understand how every suspension component works, how each chassis reacts to changes and what each riders needs are. This is why we limit the make and manufactured year of models that we work on. We understand that it’s frustrating when we say we won’t work on certain suspension in the market, this is simply because we can’t spread ourselves to thin. We know what we are good at and need to follow through on that promise.

There are many factors involved in Revalving suspension; Spring Rates, Oil Viscosity, Oil Height, Pressure Spring Rate, Nitrogen Pressure, Preload, Pressure Balance, Piston Port Dimensions, Air Pressures and Valve Settings to name just a few. Everything has to work together. Your suspension performance is the sum of all of the factors. Our goal is to exceed your suspension needs.

Same bike, same track, same day, same moto – different needs

You can have two riders on the same type of bike that weigh the same, do the same type of riding and at the same skill level. They will not necessarily need the same Revalve settings. Why is that? It’s because during our conversations with the rider we have pinpointed different needs. One rider might be looking for better small bump ride; while the other might prefer more hold up in the mid stroke so they can be aggressive down the hills. One rider may be riding in sand primarily while the other person rides tracks so hard that “blue grooves” form from the tires. One rider may be a “sit down” type of rider when the other rides “forward and standing” most of the time. There are low rpm torque riders and those who prefer bouncing the rpm’s off the rev limiter most of the time.

At Factory Connection we have two staff members dedicated purely to developing Revalve settings. There are also three other people that spend the majority of their working time in an R&D roll. We have 2 state of the art suspension dynos. Not many suspension tuners have dynos. Most dynos can only run fork cartridges. Factory Connection has the ability to run complete sets of forks through the paces. We have onboard data acquisition and high speed cameras to capture suspension action trackside which can be run back in super slow motion. Testing is done with a seasoned group of test riders of varied abilities that have proven feel on a bike. Development of our settings is not “trial and error”. It’s a mathematical science looking at many factors that allows us to offer you THE BEST SUSPENSION PERIOD…

Mike Haas Factory Connection Support Rider
Jared Avent Factory Connection Support Rider

The process

Factory Connection Sales StaffAt Factory Connection the process of Revalving your suspension starts with the initial contact from you. Our phone staff works closely with the R&D department and understands how rider’s needs are evaluated to find the perfect setting. We collect this data from phone conversations and emails then your information is entered into the computer to be reviewed by the R&D staff to generate your setting. This process happens for every Revalve at Factory Connection.

The same group of people testing with Factory Yamaha Off-road, GEICO Honda, KTM Canada and all our top Amateur riders are the same group that individually review your needs and produce a setting that is just for you.

When your suspension arrives at a Factory Connection facility you can be confident that the technician working on it is a company employee; not a contractor or part timer. That technician has been trained to Factory Connection standards and is working from the company wide computer system. This system gives them all of the data on the bike and the setting that the R&D team has generated for your needs. There are no generic settings that technicians use. All settings are managed and entered by the R&D staff for every rider at every facility every time!

Our promise to you

Even with all of our research, we know that each rider is different. This is why we stand behind our Revalve with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. When you use Factory Connection for your suspension Revalve you can be confident we will be here tomorrow and for years to come to support you.