How much time is on your suspension?

Why service Suspension?

    • At 20 hours oil starts to break down and at 40 hours parts begin to wear out


  • Performance starts going away
  • If you ride twice a week in 6 months you will have 50+ hours on your suspension
  • Setting updates at no extra cost


Did you know if you ride 2 hours a week, in 6 months you will have 50+ hours on your suspension. What does this mean? At around 20 hours the oil in your suspension begins to break down, the performance you once had is beginning to go away; by 40 hours there is a noticeable loss of damping control due to oil break down and parts wear.

Ever wondered why you need to add more compression and rebound damping to your shock over time? As the piston band and o-rings wear oil is able to bypass the piston, that oil is no longer passing through the valving stack; the result? Damping control is lost.

Other items such as guide bushings, o-rings, dust and oil seals will also wear over time; these parts should be replaced to keep your suspension working in optimal condition.

If your suspension is already Revalved by Factory Connection then we offer much more than Rebuild services. Think your bike could handle a little better? Going faster now than you were? Call us and talk to our expert staff, we will make adjustments to the valving setting during the Rebuild at NO additional cost to you.

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