Shipping your suspension to Factory Connection has never been easier.

Factory Connection understands that not everyone has shipped their suspension before. We are here to make the experience easy, timely and competitively priced. That is why we offer to send you a shipping box and label. The box is FREE, you simply pay for the shipping charge to get you a Factory Connection Purpose Built Suspension Box including Bubble Wrap.

If you already have a box we can e-mail you a shipping label to save you money compared to shipping stores. We can quote you a price over the phone.

The insurance fee you will see on your invoice is for $3000 worth of insurance coverage for your components. We recommend you insure your components if you ship the suspension yourself without utilizing our shipping label. UPS is our Preferred Method.

It’s as easy as 1.2.3. SHIP!

  1. Call us for a FREE! Purpose Built Factory Connection Suspension Box including Bubble Wrap.
    800-221-7560 (USA only) or 603-664-2221 (International)
  2. Wrap, tape and package your suspension with the provided packaging material.
  3. Apply the Pre-Printed Factory Connection Shipping Label and take your Factory Connection Suspension Box to any UPS Shipping location.

SHIP! It’s that easy!

Helpful Suggestions:
• Tag each component or label your forks (outer tubes) and shock (upper part of shock body) with your name using a black Sharpie marker
REMOVE: If you have Push Button Fork Bleeder screws and install the OEM screws. IF you do not, they can leak during shipping. Factory Connection will replace any push button bleed screws with OEM screws prior to return shipping.
• Fork guards, Axle Pinch Bolts and Holeshot Devices are not necessary, however they will be returned if installed.
• Clean components are appreciated.

Factory Connection values our International Customers and understands that shipping can be confusing. Call us at 603-664-2221 and we can help you with the shipping and customs documents.

E-mail Label: All of our customers in Canada are able to receive a Flat Rate incoming shipping / brokerage rate. Our rate is $99.95 for Factory Connection to E-mail you a Shipping Label that will include all the information in a paperless type shipment needed for customs. After you receive the e-label via E-mail, Print and bring it with your package to any UPS shipping location.
* If you are not using a Factory Connection suspension box, please have the dimensions of the package and weight ready for us.

Pick Up:
Factory Connection can have UPS come to you residence or business to pick up your suspension package. Our Flat Rate is $99.95 for this service.
* If you are not using a Factory Connection suspension box, please have the dimensions of the package and weight ready for us.

Note: If you send the suspension utilizing your own method, please choose Free Domicile or Prepaid Duties/Taxes. Should Factory Connection receive any incoming brokerage or customs fees, we will charge your credit card for the charges we incurred.