WP 4CS Forks

Factory Connection’s R&D department focused its efforts on the WP 4CS fork. Testing in a variety of terrains with many different levels of riders. From the hard pack square edge bumps of California, to the sand tracks in Florida and almost everything in between; including the woods of New England.We have put ourselves, our ideas and the fork to the test.

With the results in and parts available we want to share what we developed with you.

Factory Connection 4CS Fixed

The Revalve Setting is tailored to the riders needs; when combined with optimized oil level, internal seal modifications along with correct spring rate, clicker settings and parts developed by Factory Connection you get a better performing 4CS fork that has:- A much plusher small bump ride

– Improved stability at speed.

– Increased bottoming resistance.

All this makes the Factory Connection modified 4CS fork competitive at all levels and in all terrains.

Factory Connection 4CS Fixed
Bump Rubbers: similar to the bump rubber on the shock, these are installed to catch the last part of the stroke preventing the harsh bottoming the 4CS fork is known for.

Factory Connection 4CS Fixed

BCV Cup Kit: this kit addresses the sudden fast movement of the forks. Examples can be a square edge bump at speed, a log on the trail or hammering a whoop section. Better high speed compression movement of the fork means the impact is now absorbed and not transmitting to the riders’ arms and shoulders.

The BCV Cup Kit’s unique design is essentially a check valve that meters oil flow, when the fork encounters a sudden hard hit the valve opens allowing the forks to compress quickly soaking up the impact.

Factory Connection 4CS Fixed
Modified Compression Pistons: CNC Machined in the USA to Factory Connections design specification. These pistons, when combined with a Factory Connection Revalve drastically improved rider feel because the harshness in the compression stroke caused by poor oil flow is eliminated.
Spring (if needed for riders weight)
Compression Pistons (Set)
BCV Cup Kit
Bumper Rubbers (price each, two needed)
Additional wear parts as needed