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Below is some basic information about each model we work with.


CRF450R 2017-2018

The CRF450R sits very close to our hearts. It is our #1 motorcycle for Revalve services and it has been that way since its inception back in 2002. We have become renowned for our Honda Revalves and the performance we’ve been able to achieve with the CRF450R is a big reason why. We Revalve more CRF450’s than any other bike on the market. It traditionally receives more R&D development, more resources and more testing time because of this reason. This commitment is instantly noticeable the moment you throw a leg over a Factory Connection CRF450R.

An all-new chassis and the return to traditional spring forks highlight the big changes on the latest version of the popular CRF450R. The new 49mm Showa Twin Chamber Spring Forks offer a very versatile, stable and predictable feel to the front of the motorcycle. Combined with a new Showa shock the bike is equipped with very capable components that are able to be tuned for a wide variety of conditions and riders.

Throughout our testing we found the overall feel of the forks to be soft and prone to diving. The rear shock is susceptible to a fair amount of deflection and can feel a bit harsh to some riders. Bike balance was another area of concern, riders commented on a stinkbug stance with a pitch-to-front attitude present, especially in braking bumps or anywhere there was a greater emphasis on front-end load. Bottoming resistance and overall control vary with riders’ abilities and terrain.

As we mentioned, the components on this bike are very good and any shortcomings in handling can be tuned out with a Factory Connection Revalve. The diving and lack of control in the fork is fixed, without compromising any comfort or plushness to the initial part of the stroke. Progression through the mid-stroke is very smooth and bottoming resistance is tuned for each riders individual requirements. In the rear we’ve settled the shock down and improved the chassis balance. Small bumps are handled with more comfort and control while ground contact is increased resulting in a more stable, planted feel. Faster, more aggressive riders will typically want more bottoming resistance added to the shock compared to stock.

We invite you to call us today to discuss your CRF450R Revalve. We have a host of settings and packages to choose from and a team of Suspension Experts ready to assist you with the process. Call today, performance awaits!


CRF450R 2015-2016

The ’15 & ’16 versions of the CRF450R featured the KYB PSF2 Air Fork. Most of the attention to handling goes towards the front end of the bike and the forks. The air fork presents some challenges in finding a balanced setting between comfort and control. Achieving one or the other is not difficult but nailing down the perfect combination of the two is difficult in stock form. The KYB shock tends to get less focus from the riders but it too can benefit from some improved handling.

The Factory Connection Revalve focuses on the issues in the forks, while increasing performance in the shock as well. We give the fork a better initial feel to the beginning of the stroke in an effort to eliminate the harshness and stingy impression most riders will get from the stock set-up. The end result of the forks is a well-controlled fork with excellent progression and bottoming resistance. The shock is tuned to match the new fork characteristics. It settles into corners better, accelerates through bumps with greater traction and also features increased bottoming resistance.


CRF450R 2013-2014

’13 & ’14 models saw the introduction of the KYB PSF1 Air Fork. Performance of this air fork is similar to others on the market. Sometimes good, sometimes harsh, sometimes stiff, but bottoms out as well. Riders are usually adjusting air pressure or clickers in an attempt to find the perfect balance in the fork. A Revalve goes a long way in helping this fork. In fact, once properly set-up, a Factory Connection Revalve on this fork feels very, very good. There is a smoothness to the stroke that is not always present in air forks. If you own this bike and are struggling with fork performance, don’t give up on it! Consider giving us a call to discuss your Revalve options, we think you’ll find the fork to be quite nice once it’s properly tuned. As for the shock on this bike, it’s somewhat typical to other CRF450’s. Generally perceived as “ok”, the shock can benefit from a more controlled, stable and settled feel. Acceleration through choppy bumps and high-speed rollers are areas of most notable improvement.


CRF450R 2009-2012

The ’09-’12 version of the CRF450R featured a new chassis and new suspension components from the previous edition. Now equipped with KYB components and a new chassis, the bike was a departure for Honda fans of old. Handling characteristics proved to be a challenge and required a whole new approach to development and settings. Once properly tuned, the CRF450R remains one of the most versatile, easy-to-ride 450’s on the market. A Factory Connection Revalve on this bike produces a well-balanced package front-to-rear with equal amounts of comfort and control.

CRF450R 2008

We single out this edition because it may go down as one of the most beloved 450 motocross models of all time. A 2008 CRF450R with a Factory Connection Revalve is the epitome of a perfectly balanced, well-tuned bike. It was a rock-solid performer on all levels. Plush, stable, versatile, able to be ridden hard, fast, slow – in sand, on hard pack, on small jumps, big jumps, flat tracks, rough tracks – it could do it all and do it well. The 47mm Showa Twin Chamber forks offer a platform to do amazing things in terms of fork performance – and having been around for a number of years now, our settings and products run deep. A Revalve on the shock allows for a grab-another-gear mentality and its performance is reliable and predictable under any circumstances.


CRF450R 2005-2007

The ’05-’07 model featured some developmental changes in chassis and design. Suspension components remained the same and our knowledge of them was crucial in getting the bike to handle well in a quick manner. This Revalve focuses on making the bike easier to ride, more predictable and more stable at speed.


CRF450R 2002-2004

Right off the bat we knew the CRF450R was going to be a game changing motorcycle for off-road riding and racing. It instantly became one of our most popular bikes to Revalve. The early editions of this bike were a bit on the heavy side and most riders were still adjusting the power and capabilities of the big 450. Controlling some of the nervous mannerisms of the bike are the big Revalve takeaways. The bikes were equipped with very tunable Showa components, allowing us to deliver settings for a wide range of riders and conditions.



CRF250R 2018

The 2018 CRF250R is an all-new machine and now shares many similar traits to ’17-’18 CRF450R – most notably the return to a traditional spring fork. These similarities in chassis design and suspension components have given us a head start on Revalve development for the current model of the popular 250F. Historically, the CRF250R has been our #1 250F for Revalves – and rightfully so, as our long-term affiliation with the Factory-Supported GEICO Honda Team has earned us the reputation as the go-to suspension company for CRF250’s. We simply do not rest on those laurels though and we understand very few of our customers meet the same suspension demands as our Team Riders. Still, the vast knowledge of the motorcycle and countless hours of testing serve as a valuable resource that any rider will benefit from. Combine all that with our in-house R&D program, extensive product development and real-world feedback from our wide array of customers – and you’re left with one of the most superior, tried-and-true suspension packages on the market, suitable from the beginner rider to the Professional racer.

As mentioned, the ’18 CRF250R shares a similar chassis and suspension components as its big brother. Some of the same handling characteristics are present here as well, just like the 450. Most riders will find the fork to dive under heavy braking or when the fork is put under substantial demand. Lighter, beginner and intermediate level riders may find the fork to be a bit harsh in some conditions. This is due to a combination of spring rate and damping – both easily fixed with a Factory Connection Revalve. The Showa shock on the CRF250R has traditionally been one of the best performing shocks in our Revalve line-up. A perfectly well-balanced shock that is both comfortable and confidence inspiring awaits.

Call and speak with a Suspension Expert today to learn more about our 2018 CRF250R Revalve packages.


CRF250R 2015-2016

The ’15 & ’16 edition of the CRF250R saw the inclusion of the Showa TAC Air Fork. While it does offer the ability for multiple adjustments, many riders struggled to find the right mix of plushness and control. Contrary to many beliefs, the air fork can be tuned and can produce some very good results. Additionally, the optional Spring Conversion Kit eliminates all air chambers and returns to more familiar spring design, offering very good performance and increased reliability.

The chassis and shock remain a familiar sight to us. We are able to draw from previous experience and build off previous settings to ensure the same versatile, reliable performance is achieved.


CRF250R 2010-2014

This generation of CRF250R is one that we are very familiar with. From extensive customer Revalves, to personal employee ownerships, to winning National Championships with GEICO Honda, our Revalves have achieved great results at every level of the sport. The Revalved bike is well-known for being very plush, easy to control, yet able to be ridden at the highest of levels. The forks are extremely versatile and offer the perfect blend of comfort, control and stability. The rear shock is equally capable, with straight-line stability that will just beg you to grab another gear.
Every bike should handle this good.


CRF250R 2004-2009

The early generation of the CRF250R garnered a reputation for great handling. The bikes were very balanced and equipped with very capable Showa suspension components. Right away the CRF250R became a very popular bike with us and extensive testing and product development were immediately underway. The end result of the Revalve is a stable, comfortable bike than can be ridden in variety of conditions regardless of rider ability or size.



We offer Revalve and Rebuild services for the RX model just like we do for the standard motocross version. We are very familiar with the suspension components and chassis design of the RX and have an abundant supply of settings to choose from including Light MX, Desert, GNCC, WORCS, Mountain, basic trails and more. Call to discuss your specific needs and let us help fit you to the right Revalve package.

CRF150R / CRF150R-B

The CRF150R and its Big Wheel version have been a popular Revalve for us since the bikes introduction. Most casual riders will find the bike to be on the stiff side while the aggressive 125lbs+ racers will easily override the stock suspension settings. We have a wealth of knowledge with this bike and have Revalve settings, springs and parts suitable for all ability levels and sizes. Call us today to learn more about how we can make your CRF150 suspension the best it can be for your individual needs.


Long live the 2-stroke. If pre-mix is still your thing, don’t worry we have not forgotten about you. We cut our teeth on these bikes and still to this day have a soft spot in our hearts for them. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly tuned 2-stroke between your legs. We have suspension Revalve packages for these bikes going all the way back to the early 1990’s. Give us a call to see what we have for your particular model year, you just might be surprised at the parts and knowledge we still have for these bikes!


We know, some of your best riding days were on a CR125. Us to. If you want to relive the glory days of 125 awesomeness, give us a call, there’s a good chance we still have a Revalve package for you.


It’s all about learning and progressing for our younger riders. Safe, reliable and predictable suspension, perfectly adjusted to the riders weight and skillset is what we aim for with the CR85 motorcycle. Call today to discuss what options we have for you and your rider.