Calling Factory Connection

It could be that I am a control freak. I prefer to think that our company structure is built to offer the best customer service in our industry.

When you call 1-800-221-7560, you are calling the heart of Factory Connection. We have a team of motorcycle enthusiasts and racers prepared to answer any of your questions about suspension. They are located in our NH facility where everything started and continues to be run from today.

All of our shops are company owned and are directly linked to the NH facility. Years ago, when I created a valve setting for each customer, it would have been handed to a technician. Now I can review each work order at my desk in NH or on the road and send the setting directly to a technician’s computer in any of our shops.

The sales team is linked to each facility electronically as well. Any work order they create is available instantly in any facility. Information like status of suspension work, current turnaround time, inventory levels or previous customer history is available in real time.


Being able to interact on a daily basis with the sales team about riders and their suspension needs is a very healthy thing. This would be harder to do if they were located in other facilities. Information gained from these calls and conversations is valuable. Factory Connection is quicker to utilize this data because the sales team and their office is the epicenter of where this activity happens.

The bottom line is this, calling Factory Connection means you are calling my team. This team consists of each and every person in any one of our facilities. As a team we have built a system to stay in constant contact with one another and very accessible to you, fellow motorcycle enthusiasts who are the reason we are here.

Our team is available:

Monday 8am – 8pm EST
Tuesday 8am – 8pm EST
Wednesday 8am – 8pm EST
Thursday 8am – 8pm EST
Friday 8am – 6pm EST

– Ziggy