All Factory Connection locations are company owned and staffed exclusively by Factory Connection employees. Factory Connection does not have any franchises and does not provide settings or services to any outlet other than those shown on this page.

Yellow – Factory Connection NH (Barrington NH)
NH Shop hours 9am – 6pm.

Red – Factory Connection CA (Corona CA)
CA Shop hours 8am – 5pm

Dark Green – Factory Connection OR (Milwaukie OR)
OR Shop hours 8am – 5pm

Purple – Factory Connection OK (Muskogee OK)
OK Shop hours 8:30am – 5:30pm

Blue – Factory Connection PA  (Ephrata PA)
PA Shop hours 9am – 6pm

Light Green – Factory Connection FL (Leesburg FL)
FL Shop hours 9am – 6pm


Factory Connection Locations

Factory Connection’s 800-221-7560 (USA only) and 603-664-2221 (International) numbers connect you to one of our suspension professionals. This number routes you to our headquarters in Barrington, NH. We can assist you with most all of your questions or requests in a timely manner. We are in constant contact with each of our company owned and operated facilities throughout the work day.

Sales staff available:
Monday 9am – 8pm EST
Tuesday 9am – 8pm EST
Wednesday 9am – 8pm EST
Thursday 9am – 8pm EST
Friday 9am – 6pm EST