Ready To Send Your Suspension to Us?

    We Make it Easy!

    Follow These Steps

    1 Call our toll free number and connect to our Sales and Customer Service Team located at our home office in New Hampshire.

    2 We will collect all of your information and explain the benefits, details and pricing of your suspension service, as well as determine which FC facility will be serving you.

    3 We will ship a suspension box to your doorstep, complete with a return label to the Factory Connection facility that has been discussed with you. Click here for more shipping info


    Turn-Around Times

    Factory Connection New Hampshire

    1-2 Days

    Factory Connection California

    2 Days

    Factory Connection Oklahoma

    1-2 Days

    Factory Connection PA

    2-3 Days

    Factory Connection Oregon

    4 Days

    Factory Connection Florida

    1-2 Days

    Video: WP AER48 Air side explained